Bluetooth Ericofon (Cobra) a revolutionary telephone from the 50's with technology of the 10's


Most modern mobile telephones and smart phones have advanced Bluetooth capabilities that allow to operate with the BT Ericofon. For the more 'techies', if your phone has Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR, most probable it supports Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5 (or above), so it will work without any problems.

Tested Features

In general, the BT Ericofon will work with any modern mobile and smart phone. It is impossible to test all the features in all mobile and smart phones, however, here is a summary of the features tested. 

(Y = it works; N = it doesn't work; ? = untested; */** = check comments)

Cell Phone Rotary Dialing
& Ringing
Redial Speed
Voice Recog. Text Message Comments
iPhone 5
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS

Y Y Y* Y** N "I tried the BT Ericofon with my iPhone 4 and it was really "Plug n' Play"", mentioned somebody who owns the BT Ericofon. I think it says a lot. :-)

*) iPhone has 'favorites', not speed dial. The first ten favorites match the first ten speed dial numbers and can be addressed with the Ericofon.
**) Voice commands work very well on iPhone 4, not only "Call <contact name|phone number>", but also other commands such as "What time is it?" and MP3 player commands. Now you can control your iPhone from your Ericofon. :) Check available voice commands for each iPhone model.
Multiple Providers
Y Y ? ? ? I haven't had a chance to test it with the latest Android OS versions, however, older OS versions weren't mature enough and didn't handle the Bluetooth (BT) profiles correctly. The speed dial function wasn't supported and the voice recognition didn't send the audio via the ear piece. I will try soon the new Android phones and update this section.
BlackBerry Y Y ? ? N It works with BlackBerries, however, the individual features will vary from device to device
Y Y Y Y ?  
VX9200 enV3
Y Y Y Y Y Great phone. The BT Ericofon has been developed using this phone
VX9100 enV2
Y Y Y Y Y  
Accolade LG
Y Y Y Y Y  
Cosmos LG
Y Y ? ? Y  
Y Y Y Y N  
Others           Following phones have serious issues with their Bluetooth implementation and don't pair well:
Motorola V860 (Barrage); Casio C731 (Gzone); Samsung SCH-U450 (Intensity); Kin One; Kin Two